Payment Policy

Payment Methods

You can pay by any way that suits you, you pick one of these payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Bank Cheque
  • Or any other payment method we can agree together

We will send the payment information after you accept our service.

When will you Pay?

Before signing the contract we will agree about the service price and how you want to pay for this service. You can choose the way which you want to pay, like you can pay by installment every month or every 3 months or every 6 months or every year. It is up to you to choose the way which will suit you.

What if you did not pay?

  • We will send you email with the invoice for payment due, and you can pay with the way which will suit you.
  • If we didn’t receive the payment, a reminder email will be send every week and after 30 days without receiving the payment, we will stop our service and we will send email with the termination date. Your service will be in hold till the contract with the hosting company is finished after that your service will be terminated.
  • You can return your service back if your service still in hold but you will pay small fees depending on your service.
  • If your service is terminated, we will send you email.
  • If you want to return the service back again after termination, you will need a new contract for scratch.